You shouldn’t kill that snake in your yard!

I am terrified of snakes, and I’m not afraid of anything so my first instinct when I see a snake in my yard is to scream and make Wildlife Removal Palm Bay kill it, but this is a bad idea and here are some reasons why.

Snakes eat rodents! If they’re catching and eating them outside, there leaves less chances for them to get into your home. A lot of non-venomous snakes in Florida eat insects, frogs and other small reptiles or amphibians and that’s why you don’t have an abundance in your yard.

Most snakes are not aggressive and will not harm you on purpose, they are probably in your yard and you don’t even know it. If a non venomous snake bites you, it will probably hurt and could lead to an infection if you don’t clean it and take care of it. However, if you get bit by a rat you take the risk of getting a number of illnesses and disease, including salmonella, histoplasmosis, typhus and meningitis. I don’t know about you but Id much rather take the risk of being bitten by a little garden snake than a filthy rat.

Moral of the story is simple, snakes are great for the environment….leave those slithering guys alone!


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